Does Size Really Matter?

Everyone wants to know, Does Size Matter? Some may agree and others will disagree, but the truth is size does matter. If size didn't matter so much, then why is that question so popular? and why are guys so concerned about there penis size?

Why Size Matters For Men...

See for guys it's not just about wanting to have a "bigger penis" to please women only, it also has to do a lot with self-esteem. Guys who walk around with big tools in their pants, often have more confidence and much higher self-esteem. There is nothing wrong with having pride in your size. After all, the penis is what makes us men.

Men with smaller penis sizes tend to be more shy and less sexually active. It's all about feeling good about yourself and being comfortable with your body. Obviously, the ultimate goal would be for everyone to just be happy with what they got, but than again we don't live in a perfect world.

Why Size Matters For Women...

Just because your girlfriend or wife tells you that size doesn't matter to her, it doesn't necessarily mean that she is truly happy with your penis size. You don't have to have a huge penis to satisfy a woman's vagina, but to satisfy her mind is another thing.
Here is a great video that proves the point: